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Meet Brian Mazza

Brian is a high performer in every sense and is giving individuals and corporations an inside look at what it takes to operate on a high octane level. HPLT, Brian’s latest venture, specializes in providing IRL (in real life) experiences focusing on bringing out the best in every individual. Most importantly, Brian is a proud father and husband. With no intention of slowing down, he is destined to become an unstoppable force utilizing his personal brand and beyond.

Upcoming Events

Brian’s primary goal with HPLT is to continue to create an environment where like-minded people who are obsessed with becoming more efficient in all areas of their life can come together. Brian hosts multiple retreats throughout the year in cities across the country.

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Here's why hplt works


The High-Performance Lifestyle Training wellness program is geared towards achieving one goal, positive growth individually as well as in a team environment.

Latest Ventures
& Brand Partnerships

Brian’s primary passion has always been creating; and over the years he has carved out a space in health and wellness. To learn more about Brian’s latest ventures and brand partnerships, click below:

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